Weight Loss Facilitator


Weight Loss Facilitator

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Are you carrying some extra pounds? Would you like to see less flab or cellulite on your body? Well, there is no shortage of programs and schemes out there promising you that they will help you lose weight. Some are legitimate and some are gimmicky, but there is one underlying truth when it comes to losing weight: a higher metabolism means more fat burning.

As we age, our metabolic rates slow down, and our bodies struggle to process the heavy metals we ingest, which are present in often toxic levels in the food we eat and the hygiene products we use. That’s why Striver’s Weight Loss Facilitator is carefully formulated with nutrients that help boost your body’s metabolic rate and aid in its removal of heavy metals. And we do it nutritionally, without the use of caffeine or other stimulants that trick your body into feeling like it has more energy, often adversely affecting heart function, concentration, and sleep.

Who needs the Striver Weight Loss Facilitator? This therapy could be just what you need if…

• you want to feel the energy boost from a higher metabolism, or

• you put on weight after cutting out caffeine, nicotine, or other stimulants, or

• you have tried other weight loss methods without success

Active Ingredients in the Weight Loss Facilitator

  • L-carnitine
  • Chromium
  • Vitamin C

Price: $200

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