Pain Relief Formula


Pain Relief Formula

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Has pain been getting the better of you? Do you find yourself doing less because you hurt more? If so, and especially if you have tried over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications—or refuse to try such measures altogether—and have gotten unsatisfactory results, then it might be time to give intravenous therapy a try.

Studies have shown that the mineral magnesium inhibits pain receptors and causes muscles to relax, and it is especially effective when delivered intravenously. Whether it’s migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, or achy muscles and joints, you don’t have to continue suffering with the debilitating pain those and other kinds of conditions can bring. See the pros at Striver for our proprietary Pain Relief Formula!

Who needs the Striver Pain Relief Formula? This therapy is right for you if…

• you desire to manage pain in a non-pharmaceutical way, or

• you have muscle or joint pain that could be mitigated by a natural muscle relaxer, or

• other pain relief methods have not worked for you

Active Ingredients in the Pain Relief Formula

  • Magnesium

Price: $150

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