Immune System Boost


Immune System Boost

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The fact is, if you ever leave the house for anything—work, school, errands, leisure—you subject yourself to a myriad of bacteria, viruses, and other toxins. And nothing in your body works harder than your immune system to purge your body of these invaders. Nothing. So how can you afford not to fuel this vital system properly? You can’t!

There is one particular superstar among micronutrients that studies have consistently shown to effectively aid the immune system in preventing or reducing the severity of illness: vitamin C. Ok, so I’ll drink more orange juice, you might say. I’ll eat a grapefruit every morning. I’ll have more kiwis, papayas, tomatoes, spinach, and broccoli. All great sources of vitamin C, but you’d have to consume several helpings of each of these—and more—to yield the vitamin C content of one Immune System Boost from Striver. Also, your body must digest all of those foods, delaying and reducing the actual nutrient content delivered to the cells throughout your body. Not to mention, in many people and especially in high amounts of intake, the elevated acidity of many of these foods causes damage to teeth, aggravates acid reflux conditions, and adversely affects digestion in general. But not to worry—you can get the exact dose of vitamin C your immune system craves and get it delivered in a way that ensures the fastest and most efficient cellular uptake.

Who needs the Striver Immune System Boost? This therapy is perfect for you if…

• you feel like you are coming down with something, or

• you have already caught a bug, or

• to help ward off infections and other illnesses before they set in

Active Ingredients in the Immune System Boost

  • Vitamin C (high dosage)

Price: $150

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