About Us

We are in the business of providing IV therapies to assist clients who understand the importance of taking care of themselves.

Our Story

Striver is a leading provider of IV therapy with years of experience in the field.

Striver was founded to help people finally reach their health goals and lead more fulfilling and longer lives. We have IV therapies that will make a difference.

Our Values

A smart IV formula is going to make a difference, whether it’s for neutralizing a hangover or improving your skin and hair. Our treatments are ideal for those who work hard and play hard. We understand that sometimes you may get behind in your self-care.


We’re committed to the health and wellness of all our clients. By using industry-leading technology and proven vitamins and minerals, Striver guarantees the potency of our products. When working with us, you know exactly what you’re getting.


At Striver, we put everything into what we do. There’s nothing we do halfway. All of our IV cocktails are thoroughly researched and prepared by professionals to ensure the highest quality. Each team member is highly skilled, qualified, and properly licensed.


IV vitamin therapy is still a relatively new health movement. We understand that people may have questions about the process. That’s why the Striver team goes out of its way to make sure clients are informed about the treatment, its benefits, and more.

Our Mission

Making you beautiful and healthy.

We’ll help you boost your attractiveness and energy levels in this unique day and age. We believe in positivity and a pro-active approach to wellbeing. IV therapy is our means of providing you with the essential ingredients for a powerful body and alert mind. Today’s demands on you are special, and taking care of yourself has never been more important. We can help you remain robust and energetic, allowing your anatomy to maintain itself, and potentially reducing your need for medical attention. Our solutions are preventative and friendly. IV sessions can be as calming as they are protective. In our safe and cozy therapy lounge, people with priorities similar to your own are being nourished through intravenous infusion. It’s a relaxing and social atmosphere where you can meet others with ambitions and concerns comparable to your own. You can have it all: good looks and a powerful immune system. IV therapies will help you achieve these while building your confidence. You’re reading this now because you seek a better way of being, and it’s closer than you may think. Some people are convinced that muscular and biochemical improvement arise only as the result of joyless toil. We dispute this false and silly notion. Look around; observe the fit and attractive folks you see and how they often glow with joy in what they are doing. You can have what they have. And we can help, by making you beautiful and healthy.

Our Vision

Help people get that much closer to achieving their dream lives

People deserve to live the most fulfilling lives possible. But that’s only possible when people can ensure their health and well-being are prioritized. We believe in a holistic health solution to the complexities of today. The body and mind are better unified when the right nutrients are getting to where they’re supposed to go. By providing nutrients faster intravenously, we’re helping busy people like you enjoy longer and happier lives.

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