Hangover Detox


Hangover Detox

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Wake up regretting the night before? Well, we can’t help you retract the things you said or undo the things you did, but at Striver we can neutralize the physical effects of the alcohol you consumed. So if a little indulging has you now feeling a pounding headache, an upset stomach, an aching body, or hypersensitivity to light or sound, then visit the experts at Striver to rid your system of that nasty hangover.

When hung over, it’s critical to replace lost fluids, electrolytes, and minerals, and doing so intravenously is the fastest and most effective method. Striver’s intravenous Hangover Detox contains water, vitamins, salts, other minerals, and nominal calories—the perfect instant revitalization for a fluid-depleted body. You’ll be good to go in no time, right back at work or school or just out enjoying the day!

Who needs the Striver Hangover Detox? This therapy is perfect for you if…

• you have to function at a high level the day after a night of drinking, or

• you would like to erase the effects of a hangover, or

• to replenish your body the fastest way possible

Active Ingredients in the Hangover Detox

  • Lactated Ringer’s solution
  • Vitamin C
  • Dextrose
  • Zinc

Price: $120

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